List of Tax Compliance






Sales Tax

Excise Duty

GCI will prepare your tax return in accordance to the Income Tax Act and ensure any tax planning opportunities are communicated to you and exercised as needed.

Tax Compliance Services Include:

Tax preparation services for corporations, individuals, partnerships, trusts and estates 

Cross-Border Taxation

Sales Tax (GST/HST, PST, RST, QST)

Preparation of Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax

Tax dispute resolutions, voluntary disclosures, and taxpayer relief request

Assistance with WSIB and EHT


List of Tax Planning: 

Mergers & Acquisition Due Diligence

International Tax Planning

Corporate Restructuring

Family Office Corporate Model

Trust Ownership Model

Succession & Estate Planning

Tax Efficient Shareholder Remuneration

Through strategic tax planning, the amount of tax paid annually can often be minimized. Taking advantage of government incentives and favorable tax regulations may better position your company for when the tax bill arrives. 

GCI will develop a customized tax plan for your business and monitor and implement the plan as per the timeline of the tax plan. GCI tax advisors are knowledgeable of tax legislation and are always up to date as governments implement new tax legislations.